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Haishun Machinery
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 About Us

Haishun Machinery (Taizhou) Co., Ltd. is located in economy, traffic convenient Taizhou (The sprayer capital of China), Zhejiang, China. Company is the commander organization of the first sprayer association(Taizhou Jiaojiang Sprayer Association). we specialize in the research and development, producing and manufacturing of power sprayer, plunger pump, knapsack sprayer, hand sprayer and washing machine. The products sell well in the domestic market, and find a good sale in more than 30 countries and regions, such as Southeast Asia, The middle-east, Africa, Europe and America etc., we receive good evaluation from the users.

 Products Tags

Gas Pressure Washer Gasoline Engine Sprayer Gasoline Power Sprayer Gas Power Sprayer
Gasoline Pressure Washer High Pressure Washer Pressure Washer Pump Washer Pump
Backpack Power Sprayer Electric Sprayer Environment-Friendly Power Sprayer High-pressure Pump
Power Sprayer Pumps Sprayer Pump Spraying Pump Farm Tool
HS Factory Greese Free Power Sprayer Grease Free Power Sprayers High Pressure Sprayer
Farm Sprayer Garden Machine Garden Machinery China Sprayer
China Power Sprayer China Sprayers China Power Sprayers Trolley Sprayer
Petrol Sprayer China Trolley Power Sprayer Gasoline Trolley Power Sprayer Hose Coupling
High Pressure Plunger Pump Pump HS Company Spraying Machine
HS brand Water Power Sprayer Power Sprayer Sprayer
Power Sprayers Knapsack Sprayer Hand Sprayer Sprayers
Knapsack Sprayers Hand Sprayers Haishun Power Sprayer Portable Power Sprayer
Backpack Sprayer Pressure Sprayer Pump Sprayer Garden Sprayer
Plastic Sprayer Water Sprayer Paint Sprayer Agricultural Sprayer
Lawn Sprayer Plunger Pump Piston Pump Grease Free Power Sprayer
High Pressure Washing Pump Stretcher Power Sprayer Trolley Power Sprayer Air Pressure Sprayer
Air Pressure Sprayers Trigger Sprayer Compression Sprayer Trigger Sprayers
Sprayer Nozzle Sprayer Gun Sprayer Parts HS Power Sprayer
Plunger Pumps Piston Pumps Pump Sprayers Stretcher Power Sprayers
Agricultural Sprayers Agricultural Power Sprayer Garden Sprayers Garden Power Sprayer
Water Power Sprayer Plunger Pump Sprayer Agriculture Power Sprayer Farm Product
Garden Supply Irrigation Supply 3-Cylinder Plunger Pump Paint Power Sprayer
Plunger Sprayer Agriculture Sprayer Agricultural Power Sprayers Knapsack Hand Sprayer
Power Washer Power Sprayer Pump Portable Sprayer China Portable Sprayer
Mist-Duster Mist-Duster Sprayer Knapsack Mist-Duster Knapsack Hand Sprayers
Backpack Sprayers 18L Hand Sprayer Lawn Sprayers Pumps
Garden Power Sprayers Water Sprayers Paint Sprayers 16L Hand Sprayer
16 Litre Hand Sprayer Plastic Hand Sprayer Backpack Hand Sprayer 20L Sprayer
20L Hand Sprayer Knapsack Power Sprayer Knapsack Power Mist Duster Knapsack Mist Duster
18 Litre Hand Sprayer 20L Knapsack Sprayers 20L Backpack Sprayer 20L Knapsack Sprayer
China Hand Sprayers Agriculture Sprayers Stainless Steel Sprayer Air Pressure Hand Sprayer
Sprayer Accessories Twirl Preventer Ballspray Rod Cock Transfer Joint
High Pressure Hose Base Frame Hose Reel Current Nozzle
Spray Nozzle Red Nozzle Engine Pulley Spray Parts
V-Belt V Belt Straight Sprayer Gun Spray Gun
Bend Sprayer Gun Washing Sprayer Holes Fan Rod Clean Gun
Cleaning Foam Tank Power Sprayer HS-T30 Cleaning Foam Stainless Steel Hand Sprayer
Stainless Steel Backpack Sprayer Stainless Steel Knapsack Sprayer Dynamoelectric Sprayer Battery Sprayer
Battery Sprayers Electric Sprayers Electric Backpack Sprayer Garden Battery Sprayer
Knapsack Electric Sprayer Battery Powered Sprayers Plastic Sprayers 2L Air Pressure Sprayer
8L Air Pressure Sprayer Pressue Sprayer 8L Sprayer Stretcher Power Sprayer HS-P22-3ET
Accessories Crank Shaft Plunger Valve
V-packing Common Type Crank Shaft Common Type Enhanced Type Crank Shaft
Enhanced Type Forging Type Crank Shaft Forging Type Ceramic Type
Ceramic Type Plunger Two Cylind Type Two Cylind Type Plunger Solid Type Plunger
Solid Type Hollow Type Plunger Hollow Type Common Type Valve
HS-P22-2E Special Type Valve Special Type Two Cylind Type Valve
High Pressure Type Valve High Pressure Type Common Type V-packing Special Type V-packing
U-Type V-packing U-Type Pump head High Pressure Cleaning Pump
Power Sprayer HS-H3 HS-P25-3M Agitator Dgrease free
Stirrer Flexible pipe drive liquid stirrer Gasoline Engine Gasoline
Engine Gasoline Pump Water Pump Gasoline Water Pump

 Contact Us

      Haishun Machinery (Taizhou) Co.,Ltd.

Add: ShiZhu Industry Area, Sanjia Street, Jiaojiang, Taizhou, Zhejiang, China
P.C.: 318000
Sales Tel: 86-576- 88127333 / 88129798
Service: 86-576-89056578
Fax: 86-576-89056108
Contacts: Ms. Karien
Contacts: Luke 15888674280 E-Mail:
M.Tel: 86-13867686368
Skype: karien5518

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